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Horse Barn Builders in MD

Stoltzfus Builders has the most custom pole buildings Maryland has to offer. You will find excellent horse barns in Maryland for sale by experienced and expert builders like us. These modern aluminum and steel sheet barns are spacious and quick to erect. They are cheaper than wood barns of an approximate size and do not experience rot or heat loss through cracks. Once a purchase has been made, all that is necessary is getting the horses to adjust to their new surroundings.

Transitioning Your Horse to a Quality New Barn

This actually should not be difficult if the new barn is located where the old used to be. Horses that are accustomed to stalls and different structures might walk right in without a fight. Equestrians used to handlers might actually prefer the barn as a refuge from sun in summer and cold winds in winter. As long as the horse is comfortable with its pasture, it should be as easy to lead as normal.

Problems arise when a group of horses are placed into an entirely new pasture. They take time to adjust to a new environment and tend to become spooked when approached by unfamiliar handlers. They might not want to be led even by the owner, because of the unknown. Horses are much braver than donkeys, but do not enjoy being forced into places where the uncertain might be lurking.

Like all prey animals, horses do not enjoy new smells. The new barn will smell of varnishes, new paint, and the human smell from the horse barn builders. Giving the horse time to become comfortable with the pasture is the best first step before compelling it into a barn. Keep in mind that horses are actually comfortable in the pasture and can do well even in inclement weather. Barns are more convenient for people.

Once the horse is cozy with its pasture, try to handle it outside like normal. This might include strapping a saddle or being led in circles such as a training drill. Because this is familiar, the horse might allow itself to be led into the barn. If it jumps back, the solution is repetition until the horse eventually assents. Do not get into the habit of fighting the animal, because the horse will learn to fight back. For more information on horse barns in Maryland, call today!