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Horse Barn Builders in PA

Stoltzfus Builders pole barns provide quality designs at affordable pricing, which is why they have the best pole buildings PA has to offer! The multiple styles available meet the wide range of needs for horses, trainers and their owners.

Horse Barn Design Ideas

Horses needs have to be accommodated to keep them healthy and strong. A good building has to have proper spacing accommodations in the aisles for walking, grooming, turning and cleaning the horse. The stalls are designed with comfort in minds. Various stall doors allow for visual inspection and interactions with the animals inside. Choosing the right stall door is important for healthy, safe animals. The multitude of designs, styles and options makes this easy.

Functional & Build to Last

A cement floor with proper drainage will prevent standing water and urine. With various colors, styles, designs and options available, safety and protection is ensured. Rubber mats, stone, interlocking pavers and patterned cement floors help keep moisture and urine away from the feet and prevent disease.

A good ventilation system is necessary to help ensure the health of animals. A barn built with a good system will help eliminate the standing odors of ammonia and manure. Having doors at either end will ensure access to a little extra breeze. Consequently, too much ventilation can cause drafts that are problematic during the winter months.

Lighting is especially important when dealing with equestrienne needs. Place lighting where it will be most effective and out of the way for both humans and animals. Being able to safely care for the animal ensures its health.

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We are the top horse barns builders in PA. With all the various options available, a safe, secure environment is ensured for the four-legged family members. Quality stall doors, lighting options, flooring choices and superior building supplies all lead to our great horse barns in Pennsylvania. Contact us today!