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Potential Pole Barn Problems – What You Should Know

Despite being high quality and well-built structures, pole barns require a certain level of attention to ensure that problems don’t occur. Inclement weather can be the cause of different pole barn problems as can condensation and severe winds.

Owners can avoid common pole barn problems by using the proper sealants, cleaning away mold and mildew, and monitoring snow build up in case it gets to the point where removing it becomes necessary. Just as owners should maintain their homes to keep them viable, they should also extend a similar level of care in order to avoid unnecessary pole barn problems.

Pole Barn Condensation

When warm air meets a cold surface, condensation forms. You see it on your home’s windows in addition to car windows. Opening the windows to let air circulate usually fixes the problem. It’s a different thing, though, when it’s you’re dealing with pole barn condensation.

Ideally, the best way to prevent pole barn condensation would be to add a vapor barrier to the inside of the insulation at construction. If the building has a metal roof, then adding a vapor barrier and/or ventilation and then re-insulating the roof would work well.

Otherwise, facilitating airflow throughout the structure is the answer to pole barn condensation. This can be accomplished through the construction of a cupola with vent slats or through adding fans and other means of ventilation.

Additional Pole Barn Problems

As stated above, the weather has an effect on buildings which can be problematic. Pole barn owners should be conscious of the following potential hazards:

  • Wind: Hurricanes in the south, east, and Gulf coasts and tornadoes everywhere have the potential to turn any structure into toothpicks due to high and destructive winds. Pole barns are constructed with deeply seated poles that stand up well to high winds. Proper structures are constructed within code for your particular area. Good construction begins with situating the shortest side of the structure to the wind and adding trusses to the headers. Bracing the building properly also aids the wind in transiting the building envelope to the ground beneath it. Make sure to close the doors!
  • Leaks: We spoke of expansion and contraction above which causes leaks in any structure. Pole barn problems stemming from leaks include rotting timbers which will threaten the structural integrity of the building and mold and mildew. Each present problems for human health, horses’ health, and the longevity of any mechanical items stored therein. Examine the roof during a rainstorm for a place to start locating and repairing leaks.
  • Snow: Heavy snow loads put pressure on the struts holding up the roof of the pole barn. This threatens the structural integrity of the barn. If scaling roofs doesn’t do it for you, then it’s safer to call a professional for help.

Considering a Pole Barn?

If you’re considering adding a pole barn to your property, look no further than the experienced team at Stoltzfus Builders. We have years of experience coupled with a solid reputation that has helped us establish ourselves as the go-to pole barn builder for clients in Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Please contact us today to learn more!

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