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Why Choose a Pole Barn?

When it comes to the need for adequate storage, a quality-built pole barn is a great option for both homeowners and farmers alike. Since the early 1930’s these structures have become an increasingly attractive option because of their price point and functional features. At Stoltzfus Builders, we design and build pole barns of the highest quality which can be found across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. If you’re considering whether a pole a barn is right for you, we invite you to consider the following factors:

  • Affordability: Arguably the most attractive feature of a pole barn is its affordability. Pole barns can be built for less money than comparable structures because they don’t require significant foundation work.
  • Limited Restrictions on Location: Because pole barns don’t require the establishment of a foundation, they can be built almost anywhere. Instead of working around things such as unlevel ground and uneven surfaces pole barns wherever you desire because they’re supported by deep-set poles and don’t require a level bed of concrete.
  • Quick to Build: Pole barns get built-in shorter amounts of time because they require less labor than similar structures. This is also a nice benefit to consumers because with less labor comes less cost.
  • Durability: Pole barns may be sold at a more affordable price and built in less time than similar storage buildings, however that doesn’t mean that they take a shortcut on quality. The pole barns built by Stoltzfus Builders are made from the highest quality materials and put together by skilled craftsmen.
  • Great for a Variety of Uses: Pole barns aren’t limited to vehicle and equipment storage. In recent years many property owners have put their pole buildings to use as workshops, home offices, and even event venues.

Property owners looking to invest in a high-quality pole barn should look no further than the expert team at Stoltzfus Builders. Our years of experience coupled with the reputation we’ve built makes us the ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their property with a well built and long-lasting storage structure. We invite you to continue browsing our site to learn more about us and for those interested to please contact us today.

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